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A Christ-focused ministry and resource center supporting 

Christian homeschools and Christian organizations in Indiana.


To support and advance the customized and religious,

Biblical worldview instruction of children in the greater, central Indiana area as directed by their parents or guardians.

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Home of Parent-directed Edification (HOPE) was born due to hundreds of central Indiana families seeking a community center to support their home-schooling journey.

Education, Sports, Theater & Offices

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HOPE will provide space for Christian home schools to educate and empower the lives of children and youth in central Indiana area through a variety of learning programs.  HOPE is dedicated to providing the facilities needed for children and youth to have a safe, Christian educational center.

Sports & Theater

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HOPE will provide gym space for Christian homeschool Physical Education and Sports programs. Our facilities will support Christian home school physical education classes, team sports, and competition events. HOPE will also provide theater space with auditorium seating for Christian homeschool Performance Arts events.

Community Offices

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HOPE will provide space for Christian counseling and related businesses to serve in the Indianapolis area to reach the  Christian community through a wide range of services. 

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