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HOPE Vision

Create a state of the art facility to support the growing Christian Homeschooling Community in Central Indiana

The vision for the Home of Parent-led Edification (HOPE) was born due hundreds of central Indiana families seeking a community center to support their homeschooling journey. The HOPE campus will be more than 100,000 square feet of multi-purpose space with over 20 classrooms, a 300+ person auditorium, a sports fieldhouse, a fitness facility, and business offices for Christian counseling & related businesses 

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Fast Facts

  • Donna Rollins started Wisdom Builders seventeen years ago and it  now impacts 400 kids annually.

  • Wisdom Builder has maxed out its capacity limit in the church facility it currently leases.

  • There are dozens of Christian homeschool co-ops in Central Indiana that can take advantage of the HOPE center.

  • A new facility would transform the co-op into a homeschool community that would impact a 1,000+ lives annually.

  • Wisdom Builders currently offers over forty (40) classes and participates in more than eighty (80) community, sports, and drama activities.

  • HOPE will also be a space for Christian counseling and other Christ-focused organizations.

Enriching Hoosier Families

Help us go from hundreds to thousands of lives impacted

Math, Science & Robotics

History & Crafts

Speaking & Language

Art, Music & Theater

Sports & Physical Ed

Social & Community

What our students say...


Ellie, Grade 11

"I prayed for something else than public school and God answered my prayers and brought me to my co-op"


Greyson, Grade 9

"Thank you for the tutors that you have given to us to help us through our troubling times at school...I love that I can come to a school with Christian Morals and where I can speak freely about Jesus"


Monica, Grade 11

"My family is new to your co-op this year but it has already been such a huge blessing in our lives-in regards to school, community, faith, and more"

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